Use Horn Liberally

A face with a smile is always beautiful

मुस्कुराता चेहरा हमेशा सुन्दर लगता है.

It was my first night in Delhi…… A friend invited me for dinner to meet some new people.  The evening was originally a suprise birthday with about 10 guests.  The guestlist turned into about 25 people, about triple that in Kingfisher beers, Korean food, and hours of Karaoke.

CLFItgozyzXik2gE42OVB5xZTwlhWjz2Pf8Q2GfleKA,aUZ1PU6DQkFMNYsdcZx1K_sfNIDJvBQchPyrGHA8_YsPeople in Delhi are wonderful.  Once you get to know the beat of the city it becomes quite an exciting place.  One just has to be careful about being out alone or about being in certain areas at night.  This is not the safest place for women so it’s best to pay a little extra attention.

One thing that I’m learning to get used to is the sound of car horns.  In Canada, honking incessantly means something far  more significant than it does here.  In Delhi one  honks to let everyone else know you’re there, to move a little faster, or move over a bit.  The honking never ends.  You’re constantly surrounded by the never-ending din of horns as the autos race each other to fit into the oddest of places between trucks and semis, while women clutch onto their partner’s backs helmet-less as the motorcycles swerve through everyone else.  If you can drive in Delhi, you can drive anywhere.

imagesI’m very fortunate to have a beautiful oasis right next door to where I live.  Lodi Gardens is an almost magical 90 acres of garden right along Lodi Road.  There are a few special sites within the garden itself: Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Sikander Lodi’s Tomb, Sheesh Gumbad and Bara Gumbad.  Here you’ll find people out for a walk/jog or just sitting and enjoying the scenery.  It’s like a seawall-stanley park deal for India.  The  most beautiful trees drape the paths and there are exotic birds singing and bright flowers blooming.   Lodi Gardens is a must see when you’re visiting Delhi.  

For the foodies out there, it’s worth trying out the Lodi Garden Restaurant.  Pricey yes, but well worth the experience.  I was  fortunate enough to spend an evening there with great company – the food was exquisite – the cocktails just right, and the atmosphere and design was unparalleled.   The entire path to the inside of the restaurant or the garden terrace is lined with ornate orange petals.  It’s just a majestic and romantic little  hideaway… away from the hustle and horns of Delhi.



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